Bags with special specifications, produced on the basis of a laminated polypropylene fabric of flat base or rectangular bottom. These characteristics provide the following benefits:

  • Resistance to traction
  • More hermetic, since it has NO SEWING; It does not use adhesives, and is sealed by hot welding.
  • Saving of storage space and/or cargo costs in transport.
  • Additional printing designs, increasing the brand’s exposure at the top and bottom of the bag.
  • Protection against counterfeiting.

The bag can be either an open mouth bag or with a valve in the part that favors the sealing through an automatic closing mechanism.


Types of Valve

Single Valve:
It is the same product that closes the valve without seams therefore avoiding spillage or loss of the product.

Extended Valve:
It has a filling system that provides a greater degree of sealing. The external valve can be closed by welding.

Pocket or Pocket Valve:
This valve allows the manual closing of the bag, maintaining high levels of sealing.